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While the science behind our products is very complex, the process you will follow to obtain your genetics-based recommendations is quite simple. After you purchase a product, you will receive a DNA collection kit. You will simply rub the sterile cotton swab in the kit along your gums for one minute, pack the sample up and send it back to our lab. Our federally certified lab will analyze your sample within 2-3 weeks. We will send you a notification when your report is ready and we will schedule a consultation to go over the results.


These kits contain valuable information that you can use for the rest of your life. Giving you a better understanding of how your body works and functions and how you can help keep it on track. However, I feel it does not go without being mentioned that nothing worth having in this life, is going to be easy to achieve. These kits are not magic buttons, it is going to require action on your part; and without action, you will not see the results you want. These kits are instructions if you will, giving you hope for the future and the guidance and tools you need to be proactive in the fight for your health.



individual kits

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custom Kits

Most popular!

Below are Custom kits which are a combination of several traits from the products GxSlim, GxPerform, GxRenew, & GxNutrient; containing up to 34 unique genetic traits. Its a one-stop shop for your complete genetic overview.


23 and Me Kit

Have you already taken a 23 and me or Ancestry test? If so, we can use your current genetic profile to dig deeper into your health. The tests are cheaper, and the wait time is shorter; which means you get started faster! This kit will go over 34 unique traits to give you a complete overview and roadmap to your body! Diets aren't unique to you, but your DNA is, so stop guessing and get to know YOU!


Braveheart Kit


Start living a healthier life! Be brave! Step out of your comfort zone and into a healthier understanding of your body and what it takes to achieve your goals. Get our custom kit containing over 34 unique traits from all of our products to help give you an overview of the body. This package also includes 3 months of professional coaching for your health & fitness needs according to your genetic profile.

"Every man dies, but not every man lives. " - Braveheart

Prices are firm, must be paid in full, and cannot be refunded once your kit has been ordered.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final. no refunds can be made once your kit is ordered. Especially if you have set up a payment plan with one of the providers listed. If you have an emergency situation in which you are medically incapable of completing the kit please contact the owner and discuss your options.

Shipping policy:

Orders received will take 3-5 business days to process and 7 business days to ship. If you believe there is a problem with your order please contact the owner to discuss your options.

Spa Bed

Hesed Bodyworks

Quality care for a better quality of life! Hesed Bodyworks is a business that puts your health first! From massages of all kinds, and assisted stretching, to Chromotherapy and Kinesiology Taping and more! Hesed is your one-stop shop for your healthcare needs. You can schedule appointments using the link below. If you purchase a kit from The Genetic Warrior you'll get 10% off all services at Hesed, just bring your receipt!

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