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GxGutHealth is snapshot of your Microbiome that utilizes a comprehensive platform that converts taxonomic signatures (16S) and gene lists (WGS) into microbiome-wide quantitative functional capabilities (phenotypes). A quantitative measure of each phenotype in a Microbiome sample is computed on a scale from 0 to 100%.  Recommendations on how to better balance your gut Microbiome using food and Basic Nutrients will be included.  LAUNCHING SOON: Precision Supplements specific for your client/patient.

GxGutHealth Microbiome Kit

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    • Microbiome Collection Kit
    • Labratory Anaylsis
    • Online Account Access
    • Report Translation
    • 60 min Telehealth Consultation w/ healthcare professional
    • Phenotype analyzation of:
    • Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production, Amino Acid Production,
    • Vitamin Production, and Sugar Utilization
    • Specific food and Basic Nutrients recommendations
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