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Start living a healthier life! Be brave! Step out of your comfort zone and into a healthier understanding of your body and what it takes to achieve your goals. Get our custom kit containing over 34 unique traits, in a custom blend from all of our individual kits to help give you a complete overview of your body. Get feedback on how your body processes nutrition, weight loss response, how your body responds to different exercise factors, and get lifestyle recommendations on what you can do to achieve your health & fitness goals. With programs like this, results are virtually guaranteed!


SKU: Pre-paid
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Online account access
    • Report Translation
    • Pre-paid Shipping
    • Labratory Analysis of 36 Genetic markers for :
    • Weight management & Nutrition
    • Exercise & Training responses
    • Mental & Physcial Training Foundation
    • Recovery & Injury Risk
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