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Have you already taken a 23 and me or Ancestry test? If so, we can use your current genetic profile to dig deeper into your health. The tests are cheaper, and the wait time is shorter; which means you get started faster! This includes our custom kit that will go over 34 unique traits and is a custom blend of our top 4 best kits! This gives you a complete overview and roadmap to your body! Diets aren't unique to you, but your DNA is, so stop guessing and get to know YOU!

23andME/Ancestry Kit

SKU: Pre-paid
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Transfer of DNA profile from 23&Me/Ancestry
    • Online account access
    • Report Translation
    • Pre-paid shipping
    • Labratory Analysis of 36 genetic markers for:
    • Weight Management & Nutrition
    • Exercise & Training responses
    • Mental & Physical Foundation
    • Recovery & Injury Risk
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