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Want to find out
what you're
REALLY made of?


Welcome to TGW, where we find out what you're really made of! Stop guessing and start knowing! It all starts with your DNA! The Genetic Warrior's Genetic Testing is the DNA-based solution engineered for your body's unique chemistry. Find out how your body responds to a number of health & fitness factors and what you need to do EXACTLY to achieve your goals. We take the guesswork OUT!
     The Genetic Warrior is also partnered with 23andMe &, So if you have already taken these tests in the past 6-12 months, you can save yourself some time and money by using your current DNA profile.

"Saying you dont have time for your health,

is like saying i dont have time to stop driving for gas. Eventually, youre going to run out."



meet your gfp

Genetic Fitness programmer (gfp)
Melody villavicencio-guerrero

Melody started off as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and has been serving the health & fitness industry for over 7 years. Now certified as North Carolina's first ISSA- Genetic Fitness Programmer (GFP), offering state of the art technology designed to help fight the battle on obesity and be a beacon of hope for the community in health & fitness.

Find out more below about how genetic testing can help you achieve your health & fitness goals and contact your GFP today!



Spa Bed

Hesed Bodyworks

Quality care for a better quality of life! Hesed Bodyworks is a business that puts your health first! From massages of all kinds, and assisted stretching, to Chromotherapy and Kinesiology Taping and more! Hesed is your one-stop shop for your healthcare needs. You can schedule appointments using the link below. If you purchase a kit from The Genetic Warrior you'll get 10% off all services at Hesed, just bring your receipt!

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