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No matter what kind of shoes you wear, The Genetic Warrior has a DNA-based solution for all walks of life.

Diets aren't unique to you, but your DNA is. Let's see what you're really made of.

We Take the Guesswork OUT

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Welcome to TGW, where we find out what you're really made of! It doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home mom, a pro athlete, fighting for our country or a hard-working community member. We have a solution for all walks of life. Stop guessing and start knowing! It all starts with your DNA! The Genetic Warrior's Genetic Testing is a DNA-based solution engineered for your body's unique chemistry. Find out how your body responds to a number of health & and fitness factors and what you need to do EXACTLY to achieve your goals. We take the guesswork OUT! Offering DNA based programs for exercise, nutrition, supplements, healthy aging, and more! Consults are FREE! Let us help you live a stronger, happier, healthier life.

 The Genetic Warrior is also partnered with 23andMe &, So if you have already taken these tests recently (past 6 mos) we can transfer your DNA profile saving you time and money!

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Melody gave me the tools to create life-long changes. I realized that living a healthy lifestyle is possible and less complicated than I had originally thought. I lost 40+ lbs with her training program! Better yet, I have developed a lifestyle that I have been able to maintain through 2 pregnancies and over several years. 7 years later, I am at my healthiest self. I still utilize the foundation she laid EVERY DAY! 

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Melody Villavicencio-Guerrero


As a military brat & now wife, Melody is from all over. But if we want to be technical, Colorado is where "Home" is. She Finished School with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, graduating as the only female in her class. Melody has experience training in high altitudes and dealing with all types of terrain, from treadmills to scaling the Manitou Springs infamous Incline. Her passion lies in educating people about the science for their bodies so they can take charge of their health; Leading more confident and healthy lives.

  • National Academy Of Sports Medicine

  • AOS of Athletic Science

  • International Sport Science Association

  • NASM: Certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Performance Enhacement Specialist

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • ISSA-Genetic Fitness Programmer

Melody started off as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and has been serving the health and fitness industry for almost 10 years. Now certified as North Carolina's first ISSA- Genetic Fitness Programmer (GFP), offering state-of-the-art technology designed to help fight the battle on obesity and be a beacon of hope for the community in health and fitness.

Find out more below about how genetic testing can help you improve your overall health, go harder at your job or step your game up!


"Saying you don't have time for your health, is like saying I don't have time to stop driving for gas. Eventually, you're going to run out."

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Our Mission

We’re bringing the science of genetic testing, the expertise of a team of health and fitness professionals, and the convenience of modern communications technology together to tackle some of the most pressing health and wellness issues facing our country today.


We all have our battles; some are career-based, family-based and some are health-based. Having a preventative approach is a smart way to get ahead of your body's health needs. Neglect them, and wait too long?... and what could have been a short battle is now an all-out war. Our goal is to cultivate a stronger community by equipping everyone with an understanding of the science behind their bodies. Giving everyone the skills they need to make their health an ally.

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Our Products
Not sure what kit you need? Let's find out!

Join me in this FREE 30 min consult to see what is best for you.

Neck Massage
Hesed Bodyworks

Quality recovery is a part of health! Hesed Bodyworks is a business that puts your health first! From massages of all kinds, and assisted stretching, to Chromotherapy and Kinesiology Taping and more! Hesed is your one-stop shop for your healthcare needs.


You can schedule appointments using the link below. If you purchase a kit from The Genetic Warrior you'll get 10% off all services at Hesed, just bring your receipt!

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